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Improved Annual Health Checks

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG has shown efficiencies and improvement in the uptake, efficiency and effectiveness of the Annual Health Check and… Read More

Staff handover times reduced

Smoother and more efficient staff handovers, better use of agency staff time at national learning disability charity Hft. Hft understands that the Hear Me… Read More

Evidencing CQC Compliance

Maldaba worked with Hft as a part of the NHS D Social Care Pathfinder Programme. An early identifiable benefit for Hft from using the Hear Me Now service was that the HMN system could be used to provide evidence for inspection visits from regulators. Read More

Tanya – Reducing Anxiety

Use of HMN saved GP time, increased service efficiency and reduced the levels of anxiety experienced by Tanya whilst maintaining high quality care.  Read More

Helen – Food Management

From controlling her own weight loss to keeping her fiancé in check, Helen Edwards is delighted with how her new digital health app is helping her to manage her life! Read More

KCFM Radio Interview

At My Health Guide’s public launch on the 31st May, KCFM Radio interviewed Dave Hill, CEO, and Trish Bailey, Clinical Care Director of Children &… Read More

My Health Guide Launches

Humber NHS Foundation Trust host My Health Guide Public Launch. Our thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s public launch of My Health Guide at Humber… Read More