How you can use Hear Me Now

Read the inspiring (and surprising) stories for different users of Hear Me Now, and the impact it’s had on adults with learning disabilities and their communities.

Max with his carer

It’s everything you need to know about me

“My son Max has very complex needs and his carers take Hear Me Now with him everywhere. Anyone who doesn’t know Max, by picking up Hear Me Now, will know Max. You can just press a box (a collection of content) and whatever you need to find out about Max will come up.”

Woman in a wheelchair

Get someone up to speed more quickly

“Sometimes a person I’ve not met before needs to help me put my wheelchair together. I’ve got a guide for this which is saved in My Documents on Hear Me Now. Keeping everything in one place means I don’t forget where anything is.”

Health monitor

Recording my blood sugar level

“I use Hear Me Now to keep a track of my blood sugar levels. I record daily entries in my diabetes box and can share the details with my doctor.”

Man walking along a tree lined path

Tracking my exercise

“I try and stay fairly fit and aim to do 8,000 steps a day. I can use Hear Me Now to record my activity in a walking box. I also like to share pictures with my family.”

Two women in a hairdressers

I can show new people the way I like certain things to be

“I like my hair to be cut in a certain way but don’t always have the same hairdresser. With Hear Me Now, I can show images of my hair so the hairdresser understands what I want. It helps to put my mind at ease.”

A red toothbrush

Sometimes I struggle to get my point across

“I often get nervous when I visit the dentist, and it’s difficult for me to explain things correctly. With Hear Me Now I can record a quick video beforehand so that my dentist knows about any potential issues, or that I’m happy.”

A hand holding a paintbrush with pots of paint

I like to share with just my family

“I’ve started painting as a new hobby, and although I’m not very good at the moment, I can put images in a box that I share with just my family. I enjoy showing them (and only them) what I’ve done.”

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