Inefficient care wastes time & resources and impacts on quality of life

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Inefficient needs assessment and care services for vulnerable people in the community wastes time and increases costs

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Lack of independence for vulnerable people reduces their self esteem requiring additional community support services

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Inappropriate support of vulnerable people negatively impacts on their quality of life resulting in increased care being provided

Hear Me Now enables

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Commissioners to better understand the needs of vulnerable people in the community allowing more specific and effective services being commissioned

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Improved dignity through the achievement of person led goals allowing the more efficient delivery of quality care

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Your care strategy to support your organisation’s targets and outcome measurement

Hear Me Now delivers

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£54,750 in-year net benefit

Benefit reported by NHS Digital during the Social Care Pathfinder programme demonstrated a £54,750 in-year benefit produced by service efficiencies using Hear Me Now in the Care Sector

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Digital Annual Health Checks

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG has shown efficiencies and improvement in the uptake, efficiency and effectiveness of the Annual Health Check and Health Action Plan process for people with a learning disability using Hear Me Now

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Humber’s 30% reduction in healthcare contacts

A 12-month trial of Hear Me Now with 200 service users demonstrated a 30% reduction in the number of contacts made with LD service users for those using the Hear Me Now service.

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