Improved Annual Health Checks

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG has shown efficiencies and improvement in the uptake, efficiency and effectiveness of the Annual Health Check and Health Action Plan process for people with a learning disability using Hear Me Now. 

The national challenge of reducing inequalities in health for people with a learning disability has been brought to the fore by many reports including from Learning Disabilities Mortality Reviews (LeDeR) and the inclusion of Annual Health Checks in the NHS Plan.

Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire CCG were fortunate to receive an allocation from NHS X to improve the process for Annual Health Checks (AHCs) to both see an increase in uptake and an improvement in the quality of the process. 

Silva Care Annual Health Check cycle infographic

Maldaba worked with the CCG, Local Authority, GPs and social care providers to improve the AHC process.

Service users were selected across a range of social care providers.  Using Hear Me Now’s integrated questionnaire feature, easy read pre-AHC questionnaires were sent securely to app users by their GPs.  GPs can track when the questionnaire has been opened. 

Hear Me Now NHS BNSSG 50% faster infographic

Service users completed the questionnaire in no more than 40 minutes whereas it would usually take 1.5 hours, Using HMN the service users sent completed questionnaires back to the GP where they were used to understand current health issues and prioritise themes for the AHC appointments. The AHC appointment with the GP was more efficient focussing on the key issues. 

Following the appointment the GP produced a Health Action Plan (HAP) that was sent to the individual over the HMN secure system.

This is a fantastic result. Hear Me Now is demonstrating improved communication and quality of Annual Health Checks, and saving everyone time in the process.

Lorenzo Gordon
Director of Maldaba who provide Hear Me Now


  • Primary care commissioners are able to see that the communications required for the GP to obtain the enhanced service payment has been satisfied.
  • HMN provides GPs, service users, carers and social care providers a system that reduces time to complete the tasks required for Annual health Checks and importantly provides a better quality of health check, enabling the GP to focus on priorities and communicate the Health Action Plan.
  • Primary care commissioners are able to review compliance with Direct Enhanced Services.

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