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Improved Annual Health Checks

The national challenge of reducing inequalities in health for people with a learning disability. Maldaba worked with two CCGs, Local Authority, GPs, and social care providers to improve the AHC process and outcomes.

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Mitigating risk for service users

Hear Me Now supports risk mitigation, preventing the breaching of a community treatment order and providing a record of the truth, available to all, 24/7, reducing the risk to the user, staff and wider community.

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Staff handover times reduced

Maldaba partnered with Hft for the NHS Digital Social Care Pathfinder Programme in 2020/21. Hft understand that the Hear Me Now (HMN) concept is integral to their mission is to be driven by the people they support. The “About Me” section of HMN Is used to enable a successful and speedy transfer at handover.

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NHS Foundation Trust service utilisation reduction with Hear Me Now

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and Maldaba carried-out a 12-month trial of Hear Me Now (formerly known as My Health Guide).

Using Hear Me Now to increase independence and use support time more efficiently

Hft staff support someone’s wishes for dignity and independence, using Hear Me Now to enable them to perform tasks on their own.

Evidencing CQC Compliance

Hft’s use of Hear Me Now for the benefit of their service users, enables services to demonstrate evidence for Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) in CQC audits.

Table of KLOE information

Barts Health successfully trial Hear Me Now for people with learning disabilities and co-morbidities

Maldaba partnered with Barts Health NHS Trust and UCLPartners to improve quality of care for people with a learning disability and their treatment for other conditions.

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