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Carl Barron is a service user at Millers Day Centre. He’s epileptic, loves photography, and is also an enthusiastic Hear Me Now user.

Carl uses Hear Me Now on a daily basis to communicate between he carers at Millers and his parents at home. Watch the short video below of Carl, and see how Hear Me Now (previously My Health Guide)  helps his key worker stay in touch with what’s happening at home.

Carl takes Hear Me Now with him every day to his day service.  He uses it to capture his activities each day, to show his mum and Dad when he comes home.

It’s a brilliant communication tool that Carl has mastered quite quickly and uses on daily basis.  It gives great clarity.

Dennis Barron, Carl’s Dad

The app shows the full extent of Carl’s life, including his different hobbies.  He uses the app to support his interest in photography.

It helps me to know what’s going on in Carl’s life.  Before I went on holiday, he didn’t have a walking stick.  When I came back, he did.  Hear Me Now tells me the story and brings me up-to-date with his bad back.  It’s a good communication aid between us, his parents, and other professionals like his Epilepsy nurse.  I’d recommend it to local authorities and to the NHS.

Graham, key worker

For Carl, the speech-to-text functionality is a real benefit, supporting his communication.

I love that it types the words for me, so I don’t have to write them down.


Carl is a great example of how Hear Me Now supports communication, shared understanding, and reduces the frustration people feel when their needs and wants are not well understood.

Hear Me Now benefits Carl to

  • Share information between family, carers and NHS staff
  • Co-ordinate therapeutic interventions
  • Manage his Epilepsy in ways that work for Carl
  • Manage other health conditions
  • Support his hobbies
  • Show his family his activities at the day Centre
  • Help Carl tell his story

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