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Martin Robson is a service user at Millers Day Centre. He’s Diabetic, and is also a keen Drama enthusiast. Martin’s an independent and energetic young man.

Watch the video to see how Hear Me Now is supporting Martin’s independence and growing self-confidence. 

Martin takes Hear Me Now (which used to be My Health Guide) with him everywhere.  The app supports Martin’s communication. 

I love the My Health Guide app.  It helps me to let the world know how I feel. 


Martin’s key worker at Miller’s, Mandy, is using Hear Me Now to help Martin start to manage his Diabetes independently.

From a point of view of time, it’s much quicker.  The information is there.  It cuts down my time.  It’s a super gadget to work with.  It shows Martin that there’s this technology that he can use and work independently, and show others how he’s managing in life and succeeding. 

Mandy, key worker

Support staff help Martin to rehearse for his drama performance, using the app to record him and show him and his family how he’s progressing.

Hear Me Now enables Martin to

  • Easily communicate his Diabetes management daily
  • Learn to manage his Diabetes himself
  • Share with his family what he has been doing
  • Let the world know how he feels
  • Build confidence and self-esteem

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