Lennie – Medication Adherence

  • Articulate Emotions
  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Medication Adherence

Lennie is an in-patient at Humber NHS Trust. Lennie has learning difficulties, as well having Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Watch the short video to see how Hear Me Now is helping Lennie’s medication adherence.

Lennie used to carry paper notes with him regarding his medication and what medicines to take, when.  When he got into disarray, he would lose those paper notes, and have to start again.  Having Hear Me Now (which used to be My Health Guide) to hold this information for Lennie, has been a revolution. 

If you are supporting people with a learning disability, this is a communication tool that they have a right to have. 

Trish Bailey, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Care Director

Hear Me Now supports Lennie’s growing independence, with a view to leaving in-patient care.

I couldn’t tell them if I was unhappy, I can tell them now.


Hear Me Now is supporting Lennie to

  • Manage his medications 
  • Communicate his emotions and feelings
  • Grow his independence
  • Prepare for leaving in-patient care 

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