Max – Holding Everything in one Place

  • Care Plan
  • Complex needs
  • Digital Passport
  • Handover
  • Seizures

Max is profoundly disabled. That doesn’t prevent him engaging with and benefiting from Hear Me Now every day, with his family and his carers.

Watch this short video where Max’s Mum and carers explain how My Health Guide (as Hear Me Now used to be known) is helping Max to be cared for better, every single day (including in an emergency).

My son Max has very complex needs and his carers take Hear Me Now with him everywhere. Anyone who doesn’t know Max, by picking up Hear Me Now, will know Max. You can just press a box (a collection of content) and whatever you need to find out about Max will come up.

Max’s Mum

It improves his quality of life, and makes caring for Max easier than the paper alternatives his carers are currently faced with. Max engages with My Health Guide and enjoys the interactivity.

Hear Me Now helps Max, his family, and his carers

  • It’s with Max all the time, wherever he goes 
  • His complex needs can be easily shared 
  • Shows his medication and positioning 
  • If Max has a seizure it tells you every step of what to do in ways that work for him 
  • Brings new people up to speed very quickly who are then able to provide better care 

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