Tanya – Reducing Anxiety

  • Anxiety
  • Primary Care
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing Hospital Care

Tanya has a learning disability. She has recently had a problem in her leg.  

Tanya lives independently and has managed to benefit from Hear Me Now (HMN) across a wide range of issues. She is outgoing, taking part in many activities previously provided by Day Services. Covid has meant that those services have reduced in number and range. 

The reduction in range of services has meant that Tanya has reduced opportunity to exercise. 

Tanya noticed a swelling in her leg and was worried. She went to A&E to have the leg assessed. Following a range of diagnostic tests a Deep Vein Thrombosis was diagnosed. Tanya was discharged from A&E and told to visit her GP. She visited her GP the day after and was reassured by her GP (a familiar face) to keep on with the new tablets she had been given at A&E and keep in touch with the GP. 

Over the next few weeks Tanya became anxious about her condition. She used the camera on her device to take some photographs of her leg in HMN. Using the sharing facility on HMN she shared photos of the leg with the GP. Using the secure system the GP was able to view the photos and provide reassurance to Tanya that all seemed well.  

Previously Tanya would have become very concerned about her condition and she would have festered as she had previously when she became more anxious and depressed. Now instead of going to see the GP, she used HMN and was able to share the photos 9 times over time, where previously she would have repeatedly visited the practice. 


  • Reduced number of GP appointments
  • Reduced number of hospital visits
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased service efficiency
  • Better information sharing leading to timely treatment

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