Humber NHS Trust Signs 3-Year My Health Guide Contract

By Lorenzo Gordon • 27th April 2017

Following the successful completion of the extended 12-month trial of My Health Guide with 200 service users and dozens of staff, Humber NHS Trust have last month signed an agreement to scale-up the use of My Health Guide to 600 service users, and are committed to adopting and embedding My Health Guide in Humber Trust’s care delivery model.

“My Health Guide gives us the opportunity to work with individuals to help them understand very clearly the health concerns we have for them, and it helps them to be in control” says Trish Bailey, Clinical Care Director for Children and Learning Disability Services at Humber NHS Trust. “We’re really excited to continue working with Humber Trust,” says Lorenzo Gordon, Director of Maldaba. “We’ve had some real success with My Health Guide so far, and we know we can further to improve people’s lives and help staff provide the best possible care to individuals.”

The next steps of the roll-out and implementation plan will be to support Humber NHS staff to embed My Health Guide in their daily working practices and as we continue to analyse the data from the 12-month pilot, we will look at how My Health Guide has already started to change clinical care behaviour, and how we can learn from the successes achieved so far to go further in this transformation of the care model. Final figures from the 12-month trial will be published once that analysis is complete.

The final word goes to one individual already using My Health Guide at Humber, Lennie: “I couldn’t tell them if I was unhappy, but with My Health Guide I can tell them now.”

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