Martyn – Single Version of the Truth

  • Accountability
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Mental Health Act

Martyn is quite a character. He has a learning disability and has been in trouble with the police a few times. He lives in accommodation that is not secure but which is able to respond to the needs of people cared for under different Mental Health Act orders. 

The problem Martyn has is remembering what he is meant to do and not do. He has transgressed a few times but it has to stop. Martyn is capable of knowing and remembering that he is under an order. 

To help Martyn’s memory,  he and his carers decided to try Hear Me Now (HMN). Martyn’s support worker was keen and the two of them agreed that they would create a box all about the order Martyn has to comply with. The two of them entered loads of great information about the Do’s and Don’ts.  

All went well for a few months, then there was an incident that was close to a breach of the order. Martyn said that he had not thought what he was doing was breaking the order. The key worker decided to make a video of the Do’s and Don’ts and commit to video how each of them would react when an increased level of risk was observed. 

A few weeks later Martyn had an issue that sent him a little off the rails. His behaviour was seriously close to breaching his order. He did not cross the line and things calmed down. 

A few days afterwards the key worker had a sit down with Martyn. It’s one of those discussions where no matter what one person says the other person has an opposing view. The support worker remembered that all the agreements have been put on video. They sat next to each other to watch the video. It was not easy, both Martyn and his key worker were reminded of what they had agreed.  Both had moved away from the agreements and so there and then they recommitted to the agreements made and both knew where they could find the truth and it could hold each of them accountable. 

HMN has the capability through its capture and storing systems to record information that can be retrieved and used at a later date, improving compliance to plans and orders, supporting people and their carers to successfully work together and achieve improved outcomes. 


  • Martyn and carer are held (and hold each other) to account
  • No ambiguities of memory
  • Martyn and carer supported to work together
  • Martyn’s behaviour remains acceptable in line with his Community Treatment Order (CTO)

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