Accessibility report

As part of our testing we ensure that the core principles of WCAG 2.1 are accommodated and use the following guidelines

Remote interface

We use WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to test for WCAG accessibility errors and NVDA to test screen reader functionality. The following pages were used for this testing:

  1. Login page
  2. Main activity page
  3. App user activity page
  4. App user box list page
  5. App user box page
  6. Remote user add text to box page
  7. View shared contacts
  8. Curated box list
  9. Add curated box
  10. Edit curated box
  11. Publish curated box

For each of the above NVDA read out all the content on the page due to the correct use of semantic html.

This testing identified the following issues that will be fixed as a priority:

  1. We do not currently accommodate ‘skip to content’ for use by screen readers
  2. Certain images do not include an alt attribute
  3. There are contrast issues due to the dark background in the left column

Hear Me Now App

As part of the recent brand change of Hear Me Now (formerly My Health Guide) the visual design of the App user interface was considered in detail to ensure WCAG 2.1 AA compatibility, especially with regard to ensuring sufficient contrast, and providing in-app tools to adjust text sizing and provide alternate colour schemes. The App was manually tested by Maldaba and also by a selected set of long-term App users with learning disabilities, as part of our ongoing collaborative approach.

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